Regardless the size or complexity of your project, Top Solutions is your top choice for professionalism and uncompromising quality.

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The material world is so familiar that we hardly appreciate the extraordinary inventions surrounding us. We barely notice modern luxuries like electricity, hot running water and large panes of glass - and few of us ever consider the conveniences of the modern materials that have impacted our everyday lives.

One material that has served to transform the modern interior is plastic laminate, the stuff that commonly surfaces countertops, cabinets and table tops. This product has provided designers with attractive, durable, stain resistant and easy to clean surfaces since the 1920s.



Top Solutions offers all laminate colors from Formica and Wilsonart brand.

Along with handling all of your counter top needs, Top Solutions can furnish table tops,restroom partitions and any type of laminate panels and cabinet parts.

We also offer granite, quartz and solid surface counter tops.


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